Microsoft.AspNet.Identity Namespace

namespace Microsoft.AspNet.Identity


class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.ClaimsIdentityOptions
Options used to configure the claim types used for well known claims.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.DataProtectionTokenProviderOptions
Contains options for the Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.DataProtectorTokenProvider`1.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.DataProtectorTokenProvider<TUser>
Provides protection and validation of identity tokens.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.DefaultCompatibilityConstants
Helpful constants for working with the authentication cookie compatibility shim.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.EmailTokenProvider<TUser>
TokenProvider that generates tokens from the user’s security stamp and notifies a user via email.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.ExternalLoginInfo
Represents login information, source and externally source principal for a user record
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IdentityBuilder
Helper functions for configuring identity services.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IdentityCookieOptions
Represents all the options you can use to configure the cookies middleware uesd by the identity system.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IdentityError
Encapsulates an error from the identity subsystem.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IdentityErrorDescriber
Service to enable localization for application facing identity errors.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IdentityMarkerService
Used to verify AddIdentity was called on a ServiceCollection
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IdentityOptions
Represents all the options you can use to configure the identity system.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IdentityResult
Represents the result of an identity operation.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.LockoutOptions
Options for configuring user lockout.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.PasswordHasherOptions
Specifies options for password hashing.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.PasswordHasher<TUser>
Implements the standard Identity password hashing.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.PasswordOptions
Specifies options for password requirements.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.PasswordValidator<TUser>
Provides the default password policy for Identity.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.PhoneNumberTokenProvider<TUser>
Represents a token provider that generates tokens from a user’s security stamp and sends them to the user via their phone number.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.RoleManager<TRole>
Provides the APIs for managing roles in a persistence store.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.RoleValidator<TRole>
Provides the default validation of roles.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.SecurityStampValidator
Static helper class used to configure a CookieAuthenticationNotifications to validate a cookie against a user’s security stamp.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.SecurityStampValidator<TUser>
Provides default implementation of validation functions for security stamps.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.SignInManager<TUser>
Provides the APIs for user sign in.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.SignInOptions
Options for configuring sign in..
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.SignInResult
Represents the result of a sign-in operation.

class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.TokenOptions

class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.TokenProviderDescriptor

class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.TotpSecurityStampBasedTokenProvider<TUser>
Represents a token provider that generates time based codes using the user’s security stamp.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UpperInvariantLookupNormalizer
Implements Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.ILookupNormalizer by converting keys to their upper cased invariant culture representation.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserClaimsPrincipalFactory<TUser, TRole>
Provides methods to create a claims principal for a given user.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserLoginInfo
Represents login information and source for a user record.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserManager<TUser>
Provides the APIs for managing user in a persistence store.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserOptions
Options for user validation.
class Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserValidator<TUser>
Provides validation services for user classes.


interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.ILookupNormalizer
Provides an abstraction for normalizing keys for lookup purposes.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IPasswordHasher<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for hashing passwords.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IPasswordValidator<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for validating passwords.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IQueryableRoleStore<TRole>
Provides an abstraction for querying roles in a Role store.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IQueryableUserStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for querying roles in a User store.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IRoleClaimStore<TRole>
Provides an abstraction for a store of role specific claims.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IRoleStore<TRole>
Provides an abstraction for a storage and management of roles.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IRoleValidator<TRole>
Provides an abstraction for a validating a role.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.ISecurityStampValidator
Provides an abstraction for a validating a security stamp of an incoming identity, and regenerating or rejecting the identity based on the validation result.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserClaimStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for a store of claims for a user.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserClaimsPrincipalFactory<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for a factory to create a System.Security.Claims.ClaimsPrincipal from a user.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserEmailStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for the storage and management of user email addresses.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserLockoutStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for a storing information which can be used to implement account lockout, including access failures and lockout status
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserLoginStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for storing information that maps external login information provided by Microsoft Account, Facebook etc. to a user account.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserPasswordStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for a store containing users’ password hashes..
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserPhoneNumberStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for a store containing users’ telephone numbers.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserRoleStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for a store which maps users to roles.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserSecurityStampStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for a store which stores a user’s security stamp.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for a store which manages user accounts.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserTokenProvider<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for token generators.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserTwoFactorStore<TUser>
Provides an abstraction to store a flag indicating whether a user has two factor authentication enabled.
interface Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUserValidator<TUser>
Provides an abstraction for user validation.


enum Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.PasswordHasherCompatibilityMode
Specifies the format used for hashing passwords.
enum Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.PasswordVerificationResult
Specifies the results for password verification.