Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles Namespace

namespace Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles


class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.DefaultFilesMiddleware
This examines a directory path and determines if there is a default file present. If so the file name is appended to the path and execution continues. Note we don’t just serve the file because it may require interpretation.
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.DefaultFilesOptions
Options for selecting default file names.
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.DirectoryBrowserMiddleware
Enables directory browsing
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.DirectoryBrowserOptions
Directory browsing options
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.FileExtensionContentTypeProvider
Provides a mapping between file extensions and MIME types.
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.FileServerOptions
Options for all of the static file middleware components
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.HtmlDirectoryFormatter
Generates an HTML view for a directory.
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.SendFileExtensions
Extension methods for the SendFileMiddleware
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.SendFileMiddleware
This middleware provides an efficient fallback mechanism for sending static files when the server does not natively support such a feature. The caller is responsible for setting all headers in advance. The caller is responsible for performing the correct impersonation to give access to the file.
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.StaticFileMiddleware
Enables serving static files for a given request path
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.StaticFileOptions
Options for serving static files
class Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.StaticFileResponseContext
Contains information about the request and the file that will be served in response.


interface Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.IContentTypeProvider
Used to look up MIME types given a file path
interface Microsoft.AspNet.StaticFiles.IDirectoryFormatter
Generates the view for a directory