Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities Namespace

namespace Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities


class Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities.FileBufferingReadStream
A Stream that wraps another stream and enables rewinding by buffering the content as it is read. The content is buffered in memory up to a certain size and then spooled to a temp file on disk. The temp file will be deleted on Dispose.
class Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities.FormReader
Used to read an ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ form.

class Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities.KeyValueAccumulator

class Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities.MultipartReader

class Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities.MultipartSection

class Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities.QueryHelpers

class Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities.ReasonPhrases

class Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities.StreamHelperExtensions

class Microsoft.AspNet.WebUtilities.WebEncoders
Contains utility APIs to assist with common encoding and decoding operations.