Source Code and Nugets

Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks is part of the Microsoft ASP.NET family of modules and is hosted as an Open Source Project on GitHub. This means that we accept contributions, but please look at the Contribution Guidelines before submitting a pull request.

This online documentation which you are reading now is also hosted as Open Source on GitHub and also accepts contributions.

Nuget Packages

Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks is also available as preview Nuget packages which means that you have to select the Preview flag in Visual Studio in order to see them.

The Nuget packages are devided into three parts:

  • Common: A common package that is shared between senders and receivers.
  • Sender A set of packages supporting sending your own WebHooks to others. The functionality for sending WebHooks is described in more detail in Sending WebHooks.
  • Receivers A set of packages supporting receiving WebHooks from others. The functionality for receiving WebHooks is described in more detail in Receiving WebHooks.